What it Means to be Optioned
You’ve just received a WhatsApp from your agent saying, “You’ve been optioned for So ‘n So! Well done!” You are chuffed but not quite sure why. Does that mean you’ve got the job? What does optioned mean? What does it entail? This blog will help dust away the confusion and tell you exactly why you should feel chuffed and exactly what you should do when this happens!
What is a Usage Fee?
Not sure what a usage fee is? Does that percentage number confuse you? This blog post explains exactly what that percentage means and exactly how to work it out. Say goodbye to that confusion and start feeling like a pro!
Common Misconceptions about the Film Industry
This blog post clears up a few of these misunderstandings that people might have about the Film Industry and it possibly solidifies a few rumours that are true! Either way, this post will help you determine whether this industry is the right one for you!
Tax and the Film Industry
Not entirely sure why you need a Tax Number to be part of the Film Industry? Have a Tax Number but don't know what to do with it? Read this blog to get a better understanding of the basics and what you need to do in Tax Season!
Scammers: The Warning Signs
Scam artists are out there always thinking of new ways to take your money! Here are some helpful hints on how to stay safe while looking for an agent in the film industry.
How to Approach an Agency
Have you been approaching agencies but getting ignored? Not sure what you are doing wrong? Find out the best possible way to approach an agency by reading this post.
Finding the Right Agency
Looking for the right agency to join but not sure where to start? So you’ve heard your friends chat about castings and the earning potentials of the film industry. Learn more by reading this post.