About Casting 101

Casting 101 is a small and selective character agency situated in Cape Town, South Africa. We represent amateur actors and quirky characters for Television Commercials, Stills and Film.

We are passionate about performance and we are just as avid about our artists. Our focus is to provide the film industry with wonderfully quirky and unique characters that audiences love to watch and clients love to work with.

We seek out characters that have that natural flair for performance and who embrace who they are whole heartedly!

That means that we are on the lookout for …

… the Jocks and the Geeks,
the Mean Girls and the Freaks.
The Dorks and the Thugs,
and the Best Friends who give hugs.
From Business Suits to Old Ladies,
Drummers and Tattooed Crazies.
Punks, Indie, Hipsters, Rocker,
Surfers to dancers, and those who play soccer.
We look for every colour and every hue,
So we are look forward to hearing from you!

So if you feel you “fit in” by “standing out” then go to our “Join our Agency” page and fill in the form or contact us via email.

If you want to know just a little bit more about the industry and how it works then take a look at our FAQ page.

Meet the Team!

Nelson de Gouveia
Nelson de Gouveia, Agency Booker
Samantha de Gouveia, Agency Owner